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    I am repurposing a Galaxy SIII phone as a remote for GE Wink lightbulbs. As I want it to be used by anyone I turned off all the android logins and passwords.

    The problem is, to get the GE Wink app from play store I have to log into my gmail account. Once I do that the gmail app syncs to my google account and is available to anyone as the non password protected phone sits on a table for easy access.

    Is there a way to password protect or disable both the gmail and play store apps, only on this phone, while allowing anyone to access the GE Wink app?

    I would prefer not to have to log into gmail on my other password protected devices.

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    07-04-2015 07:44 AM
  2. geo8rge's Avatar
    I found an app surelock, but would prefer just putting password protection on gmail and playstore only on this one device.

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    07-04-2015 07:53 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Does the phone have to be connected to your Google account for the GE Wink app to work? If not, disable the Playstore and Gmail apps.
    07-11-2015 08:27 PM

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