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    My 70 year old father has one and is ready to throw it out. He keeps getting into the settings and doing "things" to make the phone stop working. Example yesterday he tried to make a phone call but got angry when he couldn't. I looked at the phone and found he had turned on airplane mode and enabled buetooth. I don't know how he did that but that is how the phone was set. I would like to lock out being able to go into those settings maybe behind a password or series of button presses so some other way of preventing him from doing this. If there is not I think I am going have to put him back on a " dumb phone" where the only thing he can do is make a phone call. Thank you for your help
    07-04-2015 01:03 PM
  2. anon(9099462)'s Avatar
    There are apps you can download such as app lock that allow you to lock individual apps with a pattern or a passcode. Just search lock apps or app lock in the play store you'll find several apps.
    07-04-2015 01:16 PM

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