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    my charger bit on the phone has come out and They are saying its my fault but I have only used the charger they gave me and have NOT been rough with it! FUMING WITH SAMSUNG!!!
    07-06-2015 05:45 AM
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    Unfortunately this is a hard case to prove and chances are they are going to side against you. If you are sending the device in as part of the insurance claim they will evaluate it and make a cursory call on the cause. It may be that there was something defective with your device that will be apparent to the evaluator that could save you. Insurance is insurance and should cover such damage, and if applicable your manufactures warranty may help, but you need to understand both's terms to know what is covered and when. If you don't have insurance and are out of warranty there are several videos on YouTube that can help you make the repairs yourself. I have heard of persistence paying off in these situations too. If you call them and remain calm and persist you maybe able to get them to work with you. Calm and persistent are the keys to that one tho.

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    07-06-2015 07:58 AM
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    The fault is with the industry, not with Samsung. At one time there were about 62 different chargers you needed to be able to charge any phone that came into a shop (and about 50 different connectors just to connect the phone to a computer). When the industry decided to all use a single connector, they chose one of the flimsiest (read: cheapest) ones available. Not being rough with the phone and being very gentle with it are different, and a microUSB connector has to be handled like a newborn infant. If the phone is still under warranty, I'd try to get them to cover it as a bad wave solder during manufacture. If you can't, call back and talk to a different supervisor. It's worth at least a few calls. (I've had out-of-warranty phones replaced under warranty by calling back a few times, until I got someone who was feeling generous that day. There will be a record of your previous calls. Just tell each person that you don't think it's right that you should have to pay for what's almost certainly a manufacturing defect.)
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    08-07-2015 01:27 PM

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