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    I have been using HTC One M7 for 6+ months so this phone isn't old at all. It performs just as good as if it was purchased yesterday so there are no complaints this is a truly amazing phone. However, With new devices like M9 and a little bit older M8, should you really upgrade your M7 to the latest M9?

    I know that M7 is still a worthy contender in the smartphone lineup although its 2 years old now since it was first released. The only reason why I see an upgrade would be necessary is because of the great processing power that both M8 and M9 delivers, having said that I don't mean that M7 isn't fast, its superfast but sometimes there can be slight glitches and it tends to lag - this is not on day to day basis but M7 has its own moments when it acts like that.

    Any suggestions are welcome, would you recommend me waiting until M10 is out and continue using M7 till then or do you believe an upgrade is necessary, I'm not a heavy smartphone user so M7 works just fine although I feel sometimes its just nicer to have faster processing power.

    Thank you, any responses are appreciated.
    07-06-2015 10:09 AM

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