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    Just started today, my S/O's Note 4 volume is acting up during calls. The volume is all the way up, but you can barely hear the other person speaking. When switched to speaker or plugging in earphones, you can hear everything just fine.
    Person on other end can hear you perfectly, but the actual phones feedback is terrible, must switch to speaker to hear anything they're saying! I've tried multiple 'fixes' I've read online, and haven't found a solution yet. Only thing we haven't done is factory reset. Not sure why that would effect it. Could the grill be dirty? How would one clean it out? What else could this be?
    Have cleaned out the audio jack, have tried resetting it multiple times. Clearing cache. Attempted to clean earpiece grill. Messed with a lot of settings and downloaded a few volume apps to no avail.
    My own Note 4 is working just fine, have made many back and forth calls between them and the sound on the one is just so quiet, and distorted, perhaps? Higher pitched than a working piece.
    Any ideas or help appreciated!!
    07-07-2015 02:19 AM

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