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    Asked this question yesterday, but received an unhelpful answer that I couldn't respond to. Here goes again:
    I have a general question about Android app data, and how secure it is. I have noticed several apps on my phone display ads for ebay, showing items I recently viewed on my Ebay account, not necessarily via the app. So it seems clear these apps are looking at the content of my ebay account via the Ebay app on my phone. My next question, of course, is how to prevent such intrusions!
    The real point here is that apps ask for permissions such as location, calendar, contacts, etc, but what permission allows it to access the data held by another app? In my case it is several apps accessing the data from the Ebay App. I've check these apps permissions, and none have them have access to 'Ebay data'. So, how are they doing it?
    07-08-2015 04:17 AM

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