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    I have just reset my Xperia Z1 to factory settings. Before that I had made backup from all data both on Super Backup app, on my SD card and on my PC with Sony Companion. When I restored it all I made a mistake and restored all my SMS and MMS messages from all the backups and ended up with a mess of messages in three copies of each conversation. The strange thing was that all the copies had the date 17-01-1970 for when they were sent. Like if the system could not handle the many similar messages on the same date and time. I started to erase the copies but discovered that when I erased an MMS copy with the date 17-01-1070 it also disappeared from the original message. My messages from just one of my kids are over 3.000, with probably three of each message so it is an impossible task to do om my phone.

    I now want to erase all my messages so I can restore just one backup, but I am afraid of loosing my MMS messages. Is it possible to make a backup with CM Backup and move it to Cloud and then see the messages with the MMS included, so I can sort them out?

    How do I move my backup to Cloud? I have connected, but Cloud says it is empty.
    07-09-2015 04:45 AM

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