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    Can NFC chips turn on Bluetooth now?

    If I remember correctly, when "trusted devices" became a thing, NFC chips could no longer turn on Bluetooth without the user unlocking the phone (because then a random person could use NFC chip to turn on bluetooth, and a "trusted" bluetooth device could unlock the phone). However, I've noticed that my phone was recently updated so I still have to unlock my phone initially when connected to a Trusted Device. So will NFC chips now turn on Bluetooth?

    I use Bluetooth for music in my car all the time. I take a bunch of short rides all day, so I want to connect my music quickly each time, so I don't want to turn on Bluetooth each time manually. However, I don't want to waste battery leaving Bluetooth on. I figured NFC would save battery compared to Bluetooth.

    Or should I not really worry about the battery drain from Bluetooth?

    I've been using Bluetooth Power Toggle, which really makes things easy when it works. However, after a while it stops working and it ends up taking longer than manually toggling bluetooth.

    07-09-2015 08:05 PM
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    [I'm the OP - I just wasn't logged in]

    After posting this last night, I downloaded Llama. Among other automations, I set up some rules for Bluetooth:
    - Bluetooth turns on for at least one minute when the screen turns on.
    - Bluetooth turns off when disconnected for at least one minute.

    This way, Bluetooth isn't on all day searching for a device with which to connect, and all I have to do to connect my phone to my car is push the power button once. I can even do this without taking the phone out of my pocket when walking to my car.

    I'm still not sure about the NFC Chip thing with Bluetooth. Using Llama is probably easier than using an NFC chip, but I'd still be interested in knowing the answer.

    [EDIT: was having some issues with my phone rapidly disconnecting and reconnecting to my car's Bluetooth. After I disabled Llama, the issue when away. Seems I either have to leave Bluetooth on, or consider an NFC Chip.]
    07-10-2015 06:48 AM

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