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    I have many photos and videos on an old galaxy S3. My picasa (and by extension, google plus) account are set to automatically upload photos / videos. When I take a photo with the phone, a few minutes later I can see it on google plus. I also transfer my photos from the phone to my computer using picasa.

    I recently got an LG G4. I want to sell my Galaxy S3. What is the easiest way of taking any photos/videos that are not yet on my computer in picasa, and moving them to my computer? I would like to be able to wipe the S3 clean to sell, but I want to be absolutely certain all of my photos are saved to my computer first.

    My second question is this: what is the best way, going forward with my LG G4, to keep plenty of space on my phone? With my Galaxy S3, I would connect to my computer as an external hard drive and manually move photos. This resulted in duplicate photos on my hard drive and google +. I think that if I instead move photos from LG G4 to computer using picasa, I will wind up with one copy on my computer and one on google +, but I want to confirm.

    07-10-2015 12:40 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Use the Google Photos app on your S3 to select all directories where you want photos and videos to backup to the cloud. You can do this by swiping in from the left, tapping Device Folders, and tapping the cloud icon associated with the folder. Make sure the cloud icon is blue, with a little up arrow in it. Then wait for all photos and videos to be uploaded. Also, make sure your backup settings are set for whichever network you want to use. In the Photos settings, tap Backup & Sync, then look at Backup Photos and Backup Videos. Select wi-fi, or both wi-fi and mobile network.

    On the new phone, if all photos are automatically backing up to your Google Photos, then you can delete them locally from your phone, knowing that a copy is safe in the cloud. You have unlimited storage if you limit the resolution to 16 MP (typically 4920x3264), which is completely fine for most everyday use.

    If you have autobackup turned on, then physically move a photo from your phone to your computer, then yes, you'll have a duplicates--the original on the computer and the copy in your Google Photos cloud. If you have your computer set up to autobackup to Google Photos as well, then you'll have duplicates in your cloud as well.
    07-10-2015 03:18 PM

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