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    I recently bought a QI receiver and wireless charging stand for my Galaxy Note 4. It seemed as though it worked well enough the first couple days i had it. I am aware wireless charging is slower, but it seems to be charging even slower than it should. For example, I was going to go take a shower so I placed my phone on the stand (it was at about 80%). After the shower (15-20 minutes later), I came back to a phone with only 82%. Now logically, that's about 1% per 10 minutes. Doing the math, I believe it would take well over 10 hours to charge from 1-100%, and that just seems ludicrous even for a wireless charger.

    However, that is a little easier to deal with because i do have a samsung fast charger. Still a bit annoying though. What bothers me most, though, is the wireless charger is a stand to view media on. I would be watching youtube videos in bed on this stand, and it seemed like it would LOSE about 1% of battery every 10 minutes or so. Now, I get that watching youtube does drain battery, but the stand is meant for media consumption and to be more of a bedside thing. You would think i wouldn't lose battery so easily when only watching youtube videos. This is my first wireless charger, however, so maybe this is just the norm, but I feel like there's no point to having a wireless charging stand to view content if it barely charges.

    I tried restarting the phone, unplugging the charger, doing whatever i can think of but it just doesn't seem to make it better. I'm not sure whether the problem is the QI receiver i got, the size of my battery, or the charger but regardless i feel like something is wrong or not working properly. I am apparently not allowed to post links since I have never posted here before, but the charger is a Spigen 3-Coil Wireless Charging Stand and the QI receiver was provided by Qifull for the Note 4.

    Thank you in advance for any help or feedback! I'm currently seeing if plugging it directly into the wall, rather than a power strip, will help.
    07-10-2015 03:19 PM

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