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    Hi everyone, slightly worried because this morning I woke up to a message on my s6 saying that it was overheating and 6 applications had been shut down and I could only use calls and text features. However this message popped up sometime in the middle of the night as the phone didn't feel hot and performed as usual.

    It had been on charge all night, I know this isn't the best thing for it but has never been a problem yet. I also play an audiobook before bed that I tend to fall asleep to so just stops when it's at the end. It was also running Android sleep application which measure your deep sleep cycles, but again this is never usually a problem.

    For the sleep app the phone needs to be kept on the mattress so it can sense how much you're moving around and it had fallen off sometime during the night but I doubt that's relevant.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Slightly concerned as although I know it had a few things running and was left on charge, this has never happened and I've had the phone a couple of months. I did recently install the 5.1.1 update if that matters.

    Can anyone shed any light?
    07-11-2015 03:02 AM

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