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    Until a few weeks ago everything worked fine for all email accounts. Suddenly, folks were saying that they were not receiving emails from me - emails that I know I had composed from my LG G2 phone. My gmail account works fine but none of my Hotmail nor live accounts work. The emails do not show in my outbox - they just disappear into cyberspace. If I compose an email from any of the accounts on Hotmail or live and do not send, they are saved as drafts. Once I hit send, they disappear. I have not changed any settings on any of the accounts and am at a loss as to what to check.

    Thanks for your help.
    07-11-2015 01:04 PM
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    Do you have your email app configured to save copies in a Sent folder? Do you have save copies in Sent setup in webmail for these accounts? If not you should. If you already do, are copies showing up in Sent?

    What email app are you using?

    What is your outgoing server settings?

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    07-11-2015 01:12 PM
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    Found answer to my question and not happy about it. Warning to Outlook email users using the email app provided through your Android device - if you experience the same issue I did, you will need to change your server settings from the one currently listed to s.outlook.com and the only "warning" you will receive is that messages you try to send will not go anywhere and will disappear. If you try to send an email and do not receive the little "email sent successfully" pop up, check your settings.

    I had to remove all accounts and set them up again manually as the defaults are not working properly.
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    07-11-2015 04:29 PM

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