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    just got phone a month ago through metro pcs was working fine now screen wont let me open phone or text if i push one icon it will pull up a different icon
    07-11-2015 01:31 PM
  2. suhasrrao's Avatar
    1.Remove any barriers like the screen guards and give it a try.
    2.Switch your phone off and remove battery, sim card and memory card. Place them back and switch on your device.
    3.Switch on your device in safe mode and try operating the screen.
    If it works properly there might be something wrong with the apps installed. Backup your data and perform a factory reset on your device.
    4.This was some crude method which I came across some forum when I experienced problems of similar sorts. Try flicking your screen over every corner for your touch screen to calibrate.

    If none of the above methods work you better make a visit to the authorised service centre.

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    07-11-2015 01:44 PM

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