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    My g2 is LS-980(SPRINT) still running kitkat. For some reason every 3 days it down loads a software update but won't install. Any way I want to root my phone but when I open my superSU app. It says "no SU binary installed". I've never rooted anything before. Found how to do it on line but can't figure this one out.

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    07-12-2015 07:38 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    SuperSU won't install if your device isn't rooted.

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    07-12-2015 07:54 PM
  3. Jacyn's Avatar
    Crap that explains a lot. Back to researching because now I'm freaking lost.

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    07-12-2015 07:57 PM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    The SuperSU app is for rooted devices only, since "sudo" is the command in Linux/Unix to change from a regular user to the root user.

    If one opens the terminal in Linux or Unix and types "sudo", he/she is asked for the root user's password.

    The Android app SuperSU asks a user of a rooted device if he/she wishes to grant permission and for how long.
    07-13-2015 04:56 AM

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