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    Well, earlier today I woke up while camping, and my phone was at 10% so I plugged it in,. 5 minutes later if that I grabbed it to check the radar, and it was in a boot loop. I thin k it may be a stuck power button function within the phone. The button itself goes in and out regularly to me, but when I go to try recovery settings when it does a boot, it selects stuff, which you have to do with a power button, so it makes me think there is something with the power button. This phone isn't very old, got it in mid - March, it was one due to my other one breaking. I think it is being taken in some point today to be checked out at sprint, but if there is a way I can fix it here - please say so, sorry this is so long. Thanks!
    07-13-2015 12:04 PM

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