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    I've been having a lot of issues with my screen on time causing major battery drain on my Galaxy S6 Edge for AT&T. I typically get about 2.5 hours before I need to plug my phone in. I've done tons of research and I've turned off bloatware as well as anything I don't need, wiped the cache partition and everything, still get horrible drain. I will be on Instagram and within 10 min my battery has drained about 10%+. I've read that doing a factory reset could fix the issue but I'm worried that it'll still be the exact same. Can anyone help me with this? I know it's a typical issue that everyone seems to have but I can't seem to find any viable solutions for the crappy screen on time, I feel like I have to use my phone little just to make it last the day.
    07-15-2015 10:32 AM
  2. xdmurda's Avatar
    Here are my battery stats, you can see that the only thing draining my battery really is the screen
    Attached Thumbnails Factory Reset?-1436976237972.jpg   Factory Reset?-1436976249141.jpg   Factory Reset?-1436976259174.jpg  
    07-15-2015 11:04 AM

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