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    Hi guys.
    I hope everyone is doing good.

    A little question. I know a lot of people hate selfie sticks for whatever reason they may see fit. I bought one from EBay for outdoor/nature selfies (so I won't be one of those people using the stick at tourist sites). It's a model with an audio jack cable (no bluetooth because I didn't want my phone's battery to drain using bluetooth when I'm in the outdoors)

    The problem I have is that pressing the button won't take pictures. Neighter the front camera nor the main back camera. It does so (for both front and main camera) when my wife's Samsung Galaxy S4 is plugged in.

    Please don't mention the fact that using the cable, one can take pictures using a selfie stick because a press on the button sends a signal to the volume-up button on the phone so I should go to settings and set it up for the volume-up signal to take a picture. On the G4 both volume-up and volume-down are set to take a picture by default (and can't be changed as far as I am aware of). Using the hardware buttons does take pictures as well so nothing faulty there.
    I tried installing third-party camera apps, soft and hard resetting the phone. As my wife's Samsung GS4 takes pictures using the stick, I'm positive the stick itself is working.

    I am aware I can use hand gestures (front facing camera only and I bought a stick with a little mirror on the back so I can use the main camera), voice control(Smile, LG, Whiskey, etc.) and timer function. But I would like the damn button to work...

    My thought: Software incompatibility between my G4 and the stick? On the box the stick came shipped in though, it said the stick would work with any Android device which is Android 4.3 and above.

    Any advice? I would really appreciate it.


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    07-15-2015 06:35 PM

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