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    Hello! I have a Galaxy s4, and my primary way of communicating with my employees is through group messaging. Whenever I am messaging them, my phone seems to take forever to send and receive messages, as well as type them out- it's like it momentarily freezes every time a new message comes in. A number of my employees also have iPhones, and they never seem to have an issue with their phones slowing during gorup messaging. I need to get a phone that can handle group messaging better, so I am wondering if the newer Galaxy phones handle group messaging better, or if the issue is that it's going across platforms, and the only solution is to switch to an iPhone.. I love my Galaxy and have never much cared for iPhones, but need a better option than my phone moving super slow during group messages, especially when they're time sensitive and work related! Thank you!
    07-15-2015 07:18 PM

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