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    I have Lifeline cell service through Reachout Wireless (they use Verizon Network). My friend offered me her Samsung Galaxy 3 when she got a new phone. I called Reachout and they said as long as the phone was a Verizon CDMA phone, I could use it. Now I have the phone and a new battery, but when I called to activate it, they said they needed the MEID and couldn't use the IMEI. They also told me I had a pre-paid phone and it wasn't CDMA, but I have had to deal them many times and they routinely don't know what they are talking about but try to insist they are correct, but I won't bore you with that year and a half long saga!

    I still think the galaxy will work on their system. They told me before that as long as the phone has the capability to turn off data usage, I could use it without a data plan. (Or they have data plans available for a price). I use wifi at home and have no problem not having data while driving. The problem is they need an MEID as their employees don't know what to do with an IMEI and said their system would not accept the IMEI and insisted that phones with IMEI are all pre-paid cell phones.

    Anyone know how to figure out what my MEID is?

    My second question is: My friend had Verizon transfer her info to her new phone and wipe the old phone contacts, etc. but when I look at the settings, the galaxy still shows her phone number in the About phone tab. Will that auto update when I activate a new phone number? I am tempted to get a ST sim, but I really can't afford to pay for phone service that I can get for free under the lifeline program.
    Hope someone here can help me!

    07-16-2015 12:38 AM

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