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    My dad gave me his note 2 which he had already rooted and it is now android version 4.4.2, he also told me when he rooted it he added some S5 features. Yesterday I saw a video of a guy with my exact same phone Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 who was able to swap his 32 gigs sd storage (the same one I have) with his phone storage and I tried to do it. I had to download clockwordrom recovery which I downloaded from the playstore. Then he gave a link to download something called "RedPill rev.1.01" (can't really remember the full name). I went to the link but they were having financial problems so I couldn't download it from there so I got from another site (can't remember the name) I followed the instructions carefully; i held power button, home botten and volume botton up together it showed my device's name and then went to rom manager. Then i went to install zip, then i went to install zip from sd card, i saw the "redpill" and then i installed it the next thing was to reboot but when i tried it it just shows my device's name and the screen turns blank. So i went to the rom manager again and tried reboot recovery but nothing changed. I then thought maybe the redpill was a trojan so it couldn't let my phone turn on so i went to my rom manager menu by holing those 3 buttons again and slected factory reset so that it could maybe delete the redpill and the phone will come on but nothing changed. Then i went to reboot download and kept over night but it was still showing "download in process, do not switch off target" (something like that). Am stranded and i don't know what to do, my dad will come back form and find out and i don't want that to happen. Please what do i do becaus am not getting another phone till college which is 3 years away. Please help me
    07-16-2015 04:36 AM

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