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    I have a samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0. Sometimes, mostly the time it froze and turns black but still alive. I mean the music still plays but screen wont respond and all i can see is black screen. Maybe this is due to a long inactivity of the device or leaving it playing the music. Another case is when i push he turn off button but not for a long time, jut to activate screensaver it also happens. It only turns on again when i press power button for atleast 10 sec. But ofcourse i dont like the fact that it turns black al the time and youll have to press power button again, i mean who likes that. It consume too much time to reboot you know... I dont like whats happening. So pls. I need help, big help! It happens almost due to inactivity or not touching the screen, or not making it stay awake. Mostly when i play music and leave it. But when i look at my tablet it turns black and froze. The screen wont respond... pls. Pls. Pls. Help...
    07-16-2015 11:04 AM

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