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    I have around 600 songs on my PC, that i want to be separated into playlists on my phone, the same way they are already on my PC with folders(DnB tracks, Rock tracks, Specific song playlist inside a folder, etc).
    Now, obviously on my PC, they are already in their separate folders and ready to go, but for some reason, f***ing Samsung galaxy does not differentiate folders when i export them to the music folder in the phone, Samsung just puts them in the same place, all 600 songs and i have to put them into playlists manually, all 600 of them, in their respected playlists inside the phone? How can i do this so it won't be a pain in the ***? There HAS to be an app for this, theres no way this is the only possible way to export playlists/folders on pc to my phone.
    07-17-2015 10:00 AM

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