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    Hey I've had various problems with my LG G2 and was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues or knows how to fix them?

    This started a while ago and I have previously got it wet so I can't take it back to the shop (this was ages before the problems started so doubt its related). Used to love how long the battery lasted so even more annoying its playing up now.

    So it started off by not turning on when I turned it off so I would leave it on charge for ages and this sometimes worked but I found what was most effective was bumping in gently against my hand a few times. I could cope with this by just not turning it off unless I could avoid it but then I started getting charging problems. It would sometimes not charge at all when I plugged it in, but not lose any charge and would sometimes just die on like 40% charge. The only way to get it charging again was to turn it off but this then it was difficult to get it to turn back (a vicious cycle started). I had the battery changed but this made little difference. Recently, sometimes when I get it to charge and turn on it will say its on 100% battery all the time then just die after about the time it would normally take to drain.

    This is really frustrating as I love the phone otherwise! Anyone any ideas or similar problems?

    07-21-2015 11:43 AM

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