1. Henry Schmidt's Avatar
    Hello there!
    You may be wondering exactly what I mean, and I'm not totally sure myself!
    So I'll tell you what I want to achieve with the app:

    I have made some little FM spybugs so I want to put them in someone's pocket
    with out them knowing. I'll then move away and tell someone:
    "Hey do you wan't to hear what they're saying"
    "Ok then!"
    "Put these headphones on"
    They will now hear what the person is saying threw the fm radio built in.
    But the complicated thing is I want to be able to go:
    "And now the whole bus can here it!"
    *I press a button and the fm broadcast now plays from a bluetooth speaker!

    I hope you guys can help and thank you if you do!
    07-21-2015 03:59 PM

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