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    Hi everyone,
    yesterday I was notified by my Samsung Galaxy S4 about possibility of upgrade to lollipop. After backup I accepted.
    When upgrade was proceeding I was away from the phone. When I after 2 hours returned, my phone seemed to be upgraded but EXTREMELY hot. It was "rebooting" itself about every 15 seconds. So I turned it off to let it cool down. Nevertheless, when I turned it on and tried to connect to wifi it suddenly "rebooted" in the same way as before - It just quickly shows operator's and Samsung's logo and then it shows back the booted system. I didn't need any pin to a simcard as after a usual reboot. And when I let the phone turned on It was still rebooting in about 15 second intervals. So I used the factory reset.
    After the reset I tried to create new user account. During the last recovery step (loading all my contacts,...etc) it suddenly "rebooted" again! After this reboot it shows again the starting page for creating a new user account and again reboots in intervals and it gets really hot. Applying repeatedly factory reset does not help. Still the same problem.

    Is it software problem?
    Could it have been somehow demaged by the heat when the phone was left unwatched?

    I will be realy gratefull for any advise anybody can give me.
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    07-22-2015 11:19 AM

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