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    My AT&T 2 year contract is up. I want a flagship phone (since I'll be paying up for the expensive contract cell phone plan) that has a great camera, runs fast without lags, great battery life (1-2 days on moderate/heavy use), rugged/waterproof would be nice and minimal bloatware from At&T and the phone manufacturer.
    I currently own at S4 Active and frankly it has been disappointing for the last years. Not rugged (dropped it and screen cracked), not waterproof (drowned and died first time I took it in the water, AT&T was nice enough to replace it on the spot), ridiculous bloatware that constantly uses up 80-90% of the CPU even when everything is disabled and turned off and I'm running only 3-4 light apps.
    I've narrowed down to LG G4, Samsung S6 Active, Sony Xperia Z3.

    07-23-2015 03:33 PM

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