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    Hi, it all started with time service and monkey test, I uninstalled them but they came back. Then, ı tried several anti-virus programs, booted my phone, tried safe mode, went back to factory setting ( no automatic ticks), it was supposed to be a new beginning but no they all came again with other malware apps like battery doctor, games etc. Now when I turn on my phone, a gamifive ad covers the page and it makes it impossible for me to use the phone. They cause my phone to stop working, and I'm afraid they would cause bill problems too. I went back to factory settings just 20 minutes ago and didn't download a damn thing, no apps, but I got time service and monkey test on my phone, turning mobile data off doesn't work either, I cannot get rid of them, please help.

    I'm in no condition to get professional help
    07-24-2015 03:05 AM

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