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    So, last week I was charging my phone at school and then i left. When I get home and try charging it it doesnt. All that happens when I plug a charger is that it shows me the lighthing bolt indicating that its plugged and then the screen goes blank, not charging whatsoever. IVe bought new batteries and tried diferent cables. Still doesnt work. When I lwnt someone elses battery and inserted it in my phone, it works fine but even when on the phone doesnt charge. What do i do?
    07-24-2015 09:29 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Check the microUSB port and make sure there isn't any debris in there. Use a can of compressed air to blow it out thoroughly. If the port is completely clear and it still isn't charging, the port itself might have failed. If you connect the phone to your computer via USB, does the computer detect it? If not, the port is almost certainly faulty. If it does detect the phone, it's still possible the charging component of the port has failed.
    07-24-2015 10:46 PM
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    If you can get it to charge by gently wiggling the cable where it plugs into the phone (only do it enough to see that you can, then stop), the port has become disconnected from the board it's on. It can be resoldered, but considering the labor cost, it's usually cheaper to have the charger dock replaced - it's a relatively cheap part.
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    07-27-2015 12:21 AM

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