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    I've a Motorola Moto G (1st gen) with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Most of my apps are usually up-to-date, including Google. But whenever I create a reminder with Google Now, it doesn't show or do anything. In fact, just before writing this thread, I attempted it again with 2min later test reminder. Nothing happened. No notification. No sound. No card menu icon on lock screen or in the Notification panel. If I do set reminder with Google Keep, I just get a notification on the Notification panel once (that is if my phone is not on vibration). Please help me fix this. I want to set reminders that would actually remind me of things I need to get done on time with sound notification or an alarm. I don't want to create an alarm from the Clock menu as I would not have any notes written there, so no way to find why I set that reminder for that time.

    07-24-2015 09:32 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Open Google Now, swipe in from the left, and tap Settings>Now Cards. Make sure Notifications is turned on. Also, select Ringtone and make sure some tone besides None is selected.
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    07-24-2015 10:44 PM
  3. ppdjoy's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. But I've already made sure those steps were taken care of before I posted on this forum. As I'm writing this, I checked if this issue happens with my Asus MemoPad 2 (Me173X) & YUP. It's the same issue on that device as well. That is running in Android 4.2.2. So I'm not sure what is causing both the systems to fail in this basic feature of Google Now.
    07-25-2015 07:23 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Hmm, not sure why that's happening. You've updated the Google app on both devices, right?
    07-25-2015 04:31 PM
  5. ppdjoy's Avatar
    Yes, before I wrote this reply, I've made sure to update them both to the latest (Android OS & app update). I've also posted this to Google Forum, but no result there so far. If you guys know any way to directly email Google about this, that information would be very useful.

    07-25-2015 05:28 PM
  6. traveljunkee's Avatar
    I've been without my reminders, which I use constantly, for several weeks. Thank you so much!!!!
    08-30-2015 03:04 PM
  7. PRASANNA SARAF's Avatar
    I have Oneplus2 and I am facing the same issues
    10-10-2015 10:28 AM
  8. Ramollo Camollo's Avatar
    Hi, I had the same issue and noticed that it only happened when I set them using the voice. Now, by going into settings and turning cards notification ON, it worked! Thanks!
    01-15-2016 03:32 AM
  9. babsiep's Avatar
    I have a Huawei P8, same problem.
    07-26-2016 08:04 PM

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