1. AC Question's Avatar
    Is there a way to force it to ask for my google information?
    It just keeps telling me "You have incorrectly typed your PIN ### times. Try again in 30 seconds." I am up to 120 at the time of this writing.
    I *really* don't want to factory reset it until I pull out data I need off of it. I have my google info, I just can't get it to ask me for it. Any help?
    07-25-2015 02:08 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome to AC.

    Log in to Android Device Manager on a PC using your Google account details and change your PIN from there.

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    07-25-2015 06:12 AM
  3. ozaytheyellow's Avatar
    (This is OP, registered)
    I have tried that as well. I can add a short message to the lock screen and change a password of some sort, but I can't get the phone to ask for that password either. It continues to ask for the pin.
    07-25-2015 03:02 PM
  4. shel692's Avatar
    Can you try to boot into recovery (like a hard reset) and wipe the cache and then try again after you boot back up?
    07-25-2015 06:11 PM

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