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    While I was playing a game, I received the pop-up saying that android.process.media has unexpectedly stopped. What is causing this, and will I still be able to retrievell photos back to my Gallery?
    07-27-2015 01:21 AM
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    Go to your app settings page (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications) and open Media Storage. Hit clear data.

    If you have a custom recovery installed (most custom ROMs and kernels do have it), boot into it and fix permissions. In Clockworkmod Recovery, you can find it under “Advanced”. TWRP recover also has a similar option. Being a Linux-based OS, permissions are of paramount importance to smooth functioning of Android components.

    In Manage Applications, open Google Services Framework. Clear data.

    Open Google Play Store. Hit clear data. Note that this will clear all play store data, including your Google sign in. You will have to login with your Google / GMail account again the next time you open Play Store.

    Open Download Manager, and clear its data too.

    Backup your data and format SD card. Make sure to backup all data on your SD card, including media, apps and other files, before formatting it. Use FAT32 formatting, which is preferred for Android. This is because android.process.media is related to camera, gallery and other multimedia components, and SD card errors may cause this force close error.

    Try a different SD card. Many SD cards, particularly those of class 6, 8 and 10, have been reported to not work reliably with Android devices. Class 4 seems to be the safest option (I use a San Disk Class 4, and it has been flawless).

    Hopefully, these should fix the error. Let me know in comments if it does not, or you have a different solution to the force close error.
    07-27-2015 01:30 AM

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