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    Since I turned on the okay Google trigger for Google voice I've found it to be very helpful. If the phone isn't charging and screen is off then I need to activate the screen but that's not too bad.

    However, when I switch between different environments (car, home, office) I often get prompted "retrain voice model" when I say "okay Google." This is frustrating because the phone recognizes what I'm saying and just doesn't respond to it properly... Does anyone have a solution for this?

    It always seems to be when I want the trigger to work the most or when other people are around. The embarrassment of saying "okay Google" a third or forth time while other people pull out their iPhone is something I can live with but knowing that the phone IS detecting really stinks. I've retrained the voice model countless times. I do not use the voice model for security at all.

    Is there a recommended app for using the LG g4. Ultima to launch Google voice instead of QuickMemo+? I'd use something that works but those that I've tire have failed thus far....

    07-27-2015 05:40 PM

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