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    Here's a back story right quick-
    I originally had a Samsung Galaxy Captivate Glide. And I just recently upgraded to an S5 mini. I hated having to give up qwerty. Sigh. For a while now, before I got the S5, our home WiFi has been weirdy. We use ATT U Verse. It would take 10 minutes to load a 3 minute youtube video,and then it would have to stop and load after 3 seconds or so. Very annoying. I first figured it was just my outdated phone, then when I got the new one it still does it! And I downloaded a free music downloader, and no matter what I type in the search bar it says "No results for Taylor Swift" or "No results for Sia". And you know darn well they have those artists. It's not just one of them, every one I download does this! I have done the reset button many times, but it remains the same. My younger siblings all have ipods, at they have trouble too just not as much as I. So that rules out the DSL or whatever being overloaded. It doesn't have any trouble downloading apps of any kind though. Does anyone know anything?
    BTW the Ethernet and Wireless lights on the U Verse thingy is blinking.

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    07-28-2015 08:56 AM
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    You need to contact U-Verse tech support. It's their Internet service causing the problem, not your devices. Don't put up with such lousy service! Get what you're paying for!

    Sounds to me like a DNS resolution problem at least, and maybe more.

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    07-28-2015 11:35 AM

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