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    I have thousands of personal photos on my S5. I view them usually in the Gallery app.
    I also have google accounts and can view these images in Google Photos / Picassa.

    Does this mean I can delete all images from my phone (using Gallery app) to free up storage, and still retain all of the images securely in Google Photos?

    In tests, images that I delete from the Gallery app do not get removed from Google Photos. In reverse, images deleted from Google Photos do not get removed from the Gallery App.

    Do I need to think of it as a one-way process?
    Everything I take on my phone is sent to Google Photos once and no other sync happens in return?
    I can then delete from either independently, but the ones I want to keep backed-up (ie forever) must remain on Google Photos?
    07-28-2015 11:27 AM

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