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    Is it me or is the wifi implementation on Lolipop just a little sloppy? I had a blackberry 10 device and it seems a lot better. I'll explain. When I went out say to the pub if they have wifi then you can log in. On blackberry it would know you then need to open a browser to certify. So here is what happens with my lolipop device. I connect and wait. Unless I happen to open the browser and see a registration box I won't know. The net result is if I've clicked on a network and because it needs me to register then all my connectivity stops. Unless I notice and disable the wifi I've lost touch with the world over ip. Not a problem while you're thinking about it but it's a pain next time you visit the place again and history repeats.. Why does the blackberry know it's a login hotspot and android not? It might be capable but it's very annoying.

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    07-28-2015 05:46 PM

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