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    Hi gurus and friends ( i'm grovelling for some help )
    Among other devices I have a E-ceros 9.7" tablet, actually wifes machine
    Sue loves reading and has bought a lot of books from G play store
    All was fine until Google updated their play books app on the 16/July 2015
    since then no access to any of the books she has paid for except the first few pages and the final cover page.
    You can guess googles customer service answer, nothing to do with us, its your fault as a customer
    as we have'nt heard of E-Ceros. Go away we wont help.
    As E-ceros is an OEM manufacturer I'm pretty sure what some of comes off the end of the production line gets re-badged, but at the moment I haven't found who else E-ceros builds for.

    Has anyone else had problems with the PlayBooks app since it was upgraded on 16/7/2015, especially on tablets with larger screen sizes.
    Can anyone help with the required info ???
    I suspect the developers of the app has optimised for small screen devices, ignoring the tablet market use.

    A bit of a David and Goliath situation, I'd like a few sharp stones to put in the sling, if you understand the analogy.

    An unhappy wife is not a good thing, all she wants to do is be able to read her books, and giving me grief as she can't : (

    Many thanks
    07-29-2015 02:14 PM

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