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    My hubbys M8 overheated. never had the issue before. he tried to plug it in to charge since it was dead and the orange led light comes on. sometimes its a steady orange light and sometimes it flashes. well we took the back off and find where it was overheating. Im not sure what this controls or if this is fixable. I just need to know what it is and what i can do.
    07-30-2015 04:44 AM
  2. spagman's Avatar
    Many times the area that overheats is not the real issue..

    For example a blown cap or bad resistor can send different voltages / current to other components on the board that are in different locations.

    So although you found the location where it overheats... This might not be the faulty component.

    Unless you can get the schematics of the phone and have the tools / knowledge to make this repair..... Your best option is motherboard replacement.
    07-30-2015 10:42 AM
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    And a totally dead battery can overheat if it's charged without precharging. (Ask Sony about lithium battery explosions.) You shouldn't drop any lithium battery lower than 40% unless your life depends on it (like the battery is at 40%, the cell signal is weak so a call is going to use a lot of battery and you need an ambulance 5 minutes ago).

    Take it to a repair shop and get an eyeball estimate.
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    07-30-2015 02:56 PM

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