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    Hello, first of all my english isn't good enough to describe all i want to say, i hope it's quite enough understandable.
    My device xperia z3 (D6653) has a problem on speaker with incoming calls and activate loudspeaker phone during phone calls, the ringtone is too low.. as well as my speaker in phone calls.. the music is working fine and loud as it should be (both speaker work, top and bottom) but when somebody call me the phone rings too low even though every volume level is set to max! it's even more weird because when i go to "phone ringtone" like i would to set a new one, when i play the ringtone i already put or any another one the volume is normal as it should be and both speakers work.. but the problem still goes on when somebody calls me the bottom speaker only working and the phone sound is too low to hear of course as i mentioned when i active phone speaker during a call the bottom speaker still only working and i can't hear the caller while no sound or noise near me (quite place)!!
    please help me, i am really very very disappointed.. i am missing most of my incoming calls because of this, and i can't hear the when loudspeaker is activated in calls..

    P.S: the phone sound overall become a bit low but pretty noticeable after lollipop update or whatever i don't know, it was more louder when i bought it new, btw the speaker issue is remained the same when it was new though..

    Build number; 23.4.A.0.546

    07-30-2015 01:20 PM

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