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    First, a little background info: My Samsung Galaxy S4 is about a year old. I have dropped it a few times in the last months, so the whole entire top (the white part) of the phone is cracked. The only way it's holding together is tape. When the whole top of the phone cracked, the front camera stopped working after a few days, although it wasn't damaged at all, and the motion sensors that are there as well. The notification light on the left still works.

    The first time I opened the camera app since the drop, the back camera was working, but when I switched the camera to the front, it would just show a black screen, although all the buttons were there. After a few seconds, I would get the "Warning, camera failed." message and all I could press was "ok" and then the camera app would crash and exit. Whenever I would enter the camera app and try to turn the camera around, it would just show the same message and exit, so I couldn't do anything since it would just fail to complete any of the actions. I ended up pressing a wild number of different buttons and doing random things and by some magical way I made it work.

    Since then, I was careful not to press the "change camera" button because I knew that the front camera didn't work and everything would just freeze. However, a few days ago, someone was on my phone and didn't know about the issue, and so they pressed the "change camera" icon, and now my camera is frozen again and is giving me the "Warning, camera failed." message every time I open it. I've tried reloading my phone, but that doesn't work either. Last time I made it work, I have no idea how I did it, so if someone would tell me how to turn my camera around without it giving me the Warning message, I would be very grateful.
    07-30-2015 09:47 PM
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    Try running a different camera app - the default should be the back camera. (It's possible that the front camera is just disconnected - reconnecting it would let you use it and stop the error message - but there's no way to determine that here.)
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    07-31-2015 01:02 AM

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