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    I had the jump program from T-Mobile, and my previous Nexus 5 died at the beginning of the week. I went into the store, and the lady there said that there would be a $150 deductible. I said screw that and bought a LG G4, (which I like except for the screen sensitivity issue, which is something else). After thinking about it, I called the t-mobile customer service, who told me the lady was an *****, and of COURSE they would replace my phone for a $5 fee. They sent the phone to me overnight and now I have my LG G4 and my new Nexus 5. My question is this: Should I take the phone in and make them take the phone as a Jump trade in (basically saving me the 130 bucks I still need to pay on the phone) or sell the Nexus 5 online? I see phones out there listed at 250 to 300 bucks, listed as new and unlocked. My research shows the Nexus 5 ships unlocked, but are these phones online unlocked AND rooted? I dont know squat about rooting a phone, and really am not in the mood to frag a brand new phone bumbling about, this making it unusable and out of warranty for t-mobile. So, any suggestions?
    07-31-2015 11:22 AM

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