1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have recently updated the Lolly-pop OS on my TAB4. On the previous version I could access a Task Manager with the Recent Apps button. From there I could access a RAM Manager menu. There is no such link on the new version. How can I access RAM Manager?
    07-31-2015 12:03 PM
  2. Robert Adams3's Avatar
    I received the update for 5.0 on my Note 3, since then my phone crashes or freezes and it seems to be a possible memory issue caused by the update. I removed all 5000 plus photos via a backup program ff my phone, ran diagnostic software and rebooted several times, still getting the huge memory drain. I call it a memory drain, but who knows why the the update by Samsung caused this problem, they need a class action and Samsung needs to address this and fix the problem. Please reply if anyone can help me, thank you
    08-25-2015 06:37 PM

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