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    Untill today morning when i connected my smartphone lg g3 to my pc usb i heard the sound that detect usb device and saw my smartphone on the pc all photos directories.

    Then after some hours i heard this detecting usb sound on off every few minutes automatic like the phone was disconnected from the usb and connected.

    Untill now, when i insert the usb cable from my phone to the pc no sound at all and i don't see my phone on the pc. I do see that my phone is getting charge from the pc usb.

    I went to in my phone to settings > general > developer options i checked many times the developer options is on and i also checked the box on USB debugging.
    But nothing.

    Other devices i put in the usb i can hear the sound that detect them and i can see them on my pc.

    What could be the problem with my phone ? It happened today i didn't have this problem/s before,
    If it's needed my pc i have windows 8.1 pro 64bit.

    My android lg g3 the android version is 5.0

    Again untill some hours ago it was working fine then for no reason automatic it started make the sound that detect the phone like someone took out the usb cable and put in every minute many times. And now it dosen't make sound at all and dosen't detect the phone.
    07-31-2015 04:54 PM

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