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    Yesterday i woke up to find that the time in my LG L5 II was frozen. it stopped at 03:59 after i set the alarm for 04:00. i tried rebooting it, it turned off but when it turned on again it kinda too too much time on the LG logo. which happened once before a long time ago on the same device, and that time i lost all my contacts and files and apps. But this time, i lost hald my apps, apparently the ones in the SDcard. But Also, the status/notification bar was gone. the home button doesn't work to show Recent apps. and an error that say "Google Play stopped working" or soemtimes "Gmail stopped working" keeps showing like every three minutes. My files weren't gone, and neither were the contacts, just like most of the apps. Also, my home screen background turned Black, tried changing it, still black. tried rebooting many times. Untill i got dissperate and did a Factory Reset. But even after that the problem is still there, status bar still gone, home button still not working. Please some one help me! or show me where i can get help.
    08-01-2015 08:17 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. Sounds like there is an error in the ROM somewhere. I am not sure how it happened. Reflashing the ROM should help. I have never done it with an LG before, but you can try XDA for procedures and files, LG might have files on their site, or you can even try YouTube for videos on how to do it.

    If you reflash the ROM, I would operate under the assumption that you will lose everything on the device (reflashes typically wipe the whole phone).
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    08-01-2015 08:42 AM

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