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    Just installed lollipop 5.0 on Note 3 in UK. It's official lollipop on unlocked untamed original Note 3.
    After initial upgrade it was a bit slow like volume up or down key would have some lag in playing the button sound and just general choppiness on screen.
    Did a factory reset and now is fast as butter lol.
    Now I'm not sure why the battery life was great one day and bad after a while. I've attached the 2 bystreet starts and basically it was doing great in dietary half but then after using the phone and going to sleep, just strong the 0w.08 mark you can see screen is off but the battery drain is really bad compared to the previous day. Also 4-5 APS have more battery usher than the screen.
    What app is doing this WiFi and awake usage when screen is off?
    htt p: //i57. tinypic. com/2qibxpy. jpg
    http: //i60. tinypic. com/35jl7js. jpg
    08-01-2015 11:32 PM

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