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    I have a 2016 VW tiguan that now has connectability with android auto. It seemed to work great at first but now I notice a severe delay or lag when using the maps. It doesn't refresh the map when I'm driving, and it does every 10 seconds or when I touch the screen or when something else activates the screen.
    I thought it was the car at first, but plugged in an iPhone and it ran very smooth. The GPS was on target and no lag whatsoever, causing me to blame the phone.
    Any idea how to speed the connection and remove this lag?
    08-02-2015 02:32 AM
  2. madmcfly's Avatar
    I thought i was going crazy, but this happened to me as well starting from friday, 31/07, and I couldn't come up with a fix.

    I got in my 2016 VW Polo and headed for a 1hr commute on friday morning. The day before, I used AA with no issues, but this morning something was off. Initially it didn't even update on it's own and had to touch the screen, it could remain stuck for entire minutes. Then, through the rest of the day and also on saturday, on various test, it shows the same behaviour as you, updating every 10 to 15 seconds on Maps, and remaining stuck on phone: when I get into a call, you can see the number of seconds of the call duration on screen remains stuck (00.01, 00.02, 00.03, 00.03, 00.03) etc until you touch the screen and it updates at 00.27 for example.

    My car is not App-Net enabled, so the head unit has no way to connect to the internet and possibly update itself. Also, as you said, iPhones work ok, so the issue it's probably on the Android side. There were no recent system updates, updates to Android Auto App or any relevant app I could link to Android Auto. I reinstalled AA, cleaned every cache with no luck. Did a factory install of 5.1.1, no luck. Even tried 5.2 Developer Preview, no luck. Tried on a friend N5 and my mom's Moto G with 5.0.2, same issue.

    Someone at Google must have had a big ****up, because driving with AA with this behaviour is far more distracting and dangerous then scrolling thorugh lists that they "cleverly" limited at 12. I don't know if there's a way to report bug specifically for Android Auto.
    08-02-2015 08:40 AM
  3. MachielB's Avatar
    I have a 2016 Skoda Fabia with exactly the same issue. GPS signal is bad, phone is lagging and haven't found a solution yet. The Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3 compact are working great and aren't lagging. Nexus 5 seems to be the problem device. Does anybody has got a nexus 5 working with android auto of VW cars?
    08-21-2015 09:48 AM

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