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    I was looking around Cyanide & Happiness comics on their main website (explosm.net) and as I click on one particular comic, a warning shows up and quickly stated something about "maleware....created on May 19....choose to block" but i didnt click block or go back in time. The page quickly took me to another open tab, but i closed it all. I think it was too late because on the top of my phone, something was downloading. Some weird looking link but i could only catch a glance of the word "genie" in it. Luckily my phone did a quick scan and said it block anything unknown that is not from the PlayStore or verified. But I'm still unsure if i have the virus. Afterall, it did compete the download. Is it still on my phone but blocked by my settings? I checked my downloaded files and found the weird "genie" link and i immediately deleted it. I already have Norton and Lookout (which thanks to them they scan after they download and supposedly block it because of my phone settings to not accept unknown sources) but i also downloaded Avast to do another scan (a friend recommended it). It found nothing afterwards. Am i safe or still infected?

    I don't want to factory reset as i already done before and it was horrible retrieving everything back, so that's my last resort. But can locating the virus file and deleting it be enough? I was also told that a maleware can disguise itself to not be detectable on scans...not sure if they can self multiply into my phone from the file....but nothing suspicious happened yet? What do you guys think?
    08-02-2015 02:24 PM
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    It is nearly impossible for malware of any kind to install itself under the conditions that you described. It is possible for things to be downloaded by clicking a link, but installing 3rd party software requires your direct consent. You should be able to go to your downloads folder in your app drawer and see what was downloaded - and delete it if necessary.
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    08-02-2015 03:12 PM

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