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    Any help???
    thank you
    08-04-2015 10:57 AM
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    I wouldn't worry about SAR. Any cop with 20 years experience gets more, and more powerful, radiation to his head than you'd get in 2 lifetimes of using the worst cellphone. Cellphone radiation isn't strong enough, even at 2.6GHz, to be ionizing, so all it's doing is warming your ear a little. (And most phones get hot enough after 30 seconds on the phone that you couldn't measure the amount of heating caused by the radiation without a very sensitive thermometer (it's probably on the order of an additional 0.1 degree or less).

    SAR was invented to quell the fears of Luddites back when cellphones were thought to be dangerous because they sent out "radiation". So does a flashlight. At 2.6Hz you'd need a lot more than a few Watts to begin to get near "possibly having some effect", and cellphones put out a lot less than 1 Watt. (The higher the frequency, the less power you need to ionize, and 2.6GHz is about as high as cellphones go.)
    08-04-2015 05:45 PM

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