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    My company uses MobileIron to let me use their wifi. The thing about this app is, it forces you to set up a lockscreen method (pin, pattern etc) which I understand cause theyre trying to protect data, but I also find extremely annoying. Whenever I try to change it to none, it wont let me since the app sets itself up as an administrator.

    My question is, if I go to settings>security>device admins and uncheck mobileiron, is the wifi likely to keep working?

    Im asking because I already requested the security PIN code (the one IT sends you) twice to bypass root, and Im just embarrased to ask for an authorization three times by my boss..
    08-04-2015 02:47 PM
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    The requirement to set up a secure lockscreen is a policy set by the IT admin at your company. It isn't a requirement of the MobileIron app.

    If you uncheck MobileIron as a device admin, it will most likely remove the Wi-Fi credentials, but it may depend on what settings your IT admin chose.

    MDM apps like MobileIron don't do anything by default. They are simply tools to allow your IT department to enforce rules and configure your device as they see fit. So if it's doing something you don't like, you shouldn't complain about the app, you should complain to your IT admin that configured it to do that.
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    08-04-2015 03:36 PM

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