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    I had accidentally dropped my phone into a pool of water and it was submerged for 5second or so. I dried it as quickly as I could and powered it down by holding the power button. While it was shutting off, the screen had started to flash. Afterwards, I stuck it in a bag filled with rice for three days.

    When I recovered it from the rice, I tried powering it on and there was no response. I then plugged it into the wall charger and upon holding the power button, a red light (not flashing) appeared. After about 10mins of charging, the red light began flashing. I removed the charging cable, held both the volume key down and power, then reinserted the charging cable and to my surprise, there was vibration and a blinking white light that appeared. The notification light then started to change colors which I believe was my phone notifying me of the different emails and messages I had received on it. However, the screen was still black and seems unresponsive.

    So after trying different combinations of powering it on, the notification light key changed back to red and eventually would only show a red light while i had the power key pressed down. I thought the battery was extremely drained so I left it overnight to charge.

    One of the apps I had installed on my nexus 4 was Pushbullet which sends a notification to my laptop via WIFI when I get emails or other messages on my cell phone. Today, as I was working on my laptop, I tried turning on my cell phone again and moments later I got notifications on my laptop about messages I had on my cell phone thru pushbullet but the screen was still black!! So that means my phone isnt bricked but the screen is just dead (probably other parts of it are damaged as well) . SO I tried to connect it to my laptop using a powered USB hub but my laptop didnt recognize it.I've tested the USB hub as well beforehand and it works so its my cellphone which wont connect. I really want to save the files and photos I have saved on it but I am really not sure what I should do. Please help!
    08-05-2015 05:50 PM

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