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    I have an xbox 360. I usually would listen to music via the YouTube app on my Xbox 360 but I found out that if I listen to my playlist on my Nexus 5 YouTube app, I could shuffle them. Sweet right? So then I discovered that I could pair my YouTube app on my Nexus 5 with my TV. YAY!

    So I, and I was pretty sure that I was still able to shuffle my YouTube play list on my phone but still play it through my TV and it seems I can't (at all or anymore, not quite sure).

    I know that if you play your YouTube playlist through the app on my Xbox 360, that you can't shuffle anymore because they got rid of that feature in the last update (freaking morons!!!). But why can't I if I'm pairing my YouTube with my TV? I was pretty sure it was working before, I hit shuffle on my phone, and then connect to my TV and viola! But now it's not working.

    What am I missing, guys?
    08-07-2015 11:37 AM

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